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We celebrate upcoming creators and diverse voices.

Since our founding in 2014, we’ve sold 10k books and raised $140k on Kickstarter. We're dedicated to transparency, and building a supportive and kind comics community.


Shablam! A deep dive into the world of queer comics
The anthology structure gives space to a whole range of queer comics creators to showcase more intimate and personal stories, including many who have not been published before.
gcn, on Shout Out
For teens aching for explicit representation in big mainstream science fiction, fantasy, and superhero stories, these references are a gift of inclusion. Shout Out is, in short, an essential collection for LGBTQ2IA+ teens, comics lovers, and keen readers of speculative YA fiction.
Quill & Quire, on Shout Out
This comics anthology offers a fun and vibrant collection of fantasy and sci-fi comics featuring LGBTQ2SIA+ heroes, from cyberpunks to Viking lovers and demon hunters.
CBC Books, on Shout Out
#ColorlinesReads: 5 LGBTQ+ Young Adult Books You'll Love
ColorLines, on Shout Out
Spotlight: Shout Out Anthology
Uplifting, funny, romantic, surprising, and everything in-between, Shout Out is a gorgeous and noteworthy collection with needed- necessary- voices, characters and stories.
Fab Book Reviews, on Shout Out