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About TO Comix Press

We publish comics celebrating upcoming creators and diverse voices. We're dedicated to transparency, and helping build a supportive and kind comics community. You can find us at most major Ontario conventions, and at our monthly social events in Toronto!

Since our founding in 2014, we’ve sold over 7,000 books and raised over $75,000 on Kickstarter. We’ve been nominated for the Gene Day Award for excellence in self-publishing in 2015, 2016, and 2017, and were also nominated for the Canadian Science Fiction & Fantasy Associations Aurora Award in 2016.

For press, retailer or event inquiries, please contact Steven Andrews at info [at]

Endorsements for the Toronto Comics Anthology series and Wayward Sisters:

NOW Toronto
More than just a CN Tower postcard, the series benefits from its gleefully geeky celebration of Toronto.
London Free Press
This pulpy publication is a who’s who of young comic talent in the country, bursting with eye-grabbing images and witty lines.
Ty Templeton ( Comic Book Bootcamp )
If you’re from Toronto, and you enjoy comics, then you have no excuse. This book was created LITERALLY for you. What else are you going to read on the Queen streetcar?
Hope Nicholson ( Bedside Press )
The talent in Toronto is incredible, and this collection goes a long way to highlight the depth, ability, and diversity of emerging comic book storytellers in this city. Watch these names - if you don’t know them yet, you will soon!
Broken Pencil
This anthology series has seized on Toronto’s place as a hub in the comic book world and showcases some of the next superstar artists that will surely break through as those before them have.
Jim Zub ( Wayward, Samurai Jack )
Toronto is a wellspring of creative talent and this anthology is a perfect way to introduce people to the next generation of Canadian comic creators.
J. Torres ( True Patriot, Teen Titans Go! )
Toronto is considered a comic book mecca and if you didn’t know that before picking up this book, you’ll understand why after reading the diverse comics presented here by a collective of multi-talented creators inspired by their city.
Shaggy Shanahan ( Flight, Silly Kingdom )
A delightful genre-spanning love letter to the city we call home.
Megan Lavey-Heaton ( Namesake )
These are the sisters you need beside you - bold, unique, and unapologetic. The talent in Wayward Sisters is outstanding, there is a story in here for everyone, and the anthology will give you a new appreciation for the genre.
S.M. Beiko ( The Realms of Ancient )
Welcome to the sisterhood you didn’t expect to need in your life. At times quirky, surprising, moving and true, the tales in Wayward Sisters show us monsters that are all at once familiar and constant: monsters that we face every day, or see in the mirror, and the importance of embracing the monster in all of us…shadows, scales, and everything in between.
Tory Woollcott ( Mirror mind )
Everyone is the protagonist of their own story, and monsters are no exception. With its funny, scary, and heart-warming stories, Wayward Sisters will introduce you to perspectives of gender and self-expression in ways you won't expect!